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These are the FALL ROAD TOURS  FOR 2023

The number of Corvettes in each tour will be limited to 20.  In addition, some tours will have required fees for samples and tours as indicated in the tour description, as we have done in the past.  For planning purposes, we have printed all fees at the tour stops. 


Staging for all Corvette Adventure road tours will be in the road adjacent to the registration area 15 minutes before launching.  As is our policy, we will launch all tours on time.  You will receive a route map of all tours you have signed up for in your welcome packet.


Please also remember that most brewery and winery tours require closed toe shoes.  We can’t emphasize this enough. . . every year someone forgets – please don’t be the one.



“SCENIC” – This will be a relaxed, leisurely drive through the countryside.  Take in the scenery and the beauty of the land and enjoy the sights of the countryside driven in a relaxed manner. 

“SPIRITED” – These tours are for drivers (and their co-pilot) who are confident in themselves and their cars and who enjoy driving their Corvettes in a more aggressive manner as the opportunity presents itself on a tour.  Slower, more cautious drivers should either drive from the back of these tours or limit themselves to “scenic” tours for maximum enjoyment of everyone. 



Hot Laps at the Dells Raceway Park will be available from 3:00pm – 5:00pm on Friday, September 10.  Most of the Friday tours will start at the track at the beginning of their tours.  Anyone else who would like to experience hot laps may travel to the Raceway on their own.

Friday, September 8, 2023

These tours overlap; therefore you can only choose one on Friday, plus Dells Raceway Park

Wisconsin Cranberry Center.JPG
Wisconsin Veterns Memorial.JPG
Stephens Point Brewery.JPG
Question mark.png
Wisconsin Auto Museum.jpg


Scenic - 8:00am - Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center and Restaurant and The Highground Veterans Memorial Park

You will first travel to The Highground, located four miles west of Neillsville, started as the Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Memorial Project. It has grown to a 155-acre park that includes a museum, a gift shop, picnic areas and four miles of hiking trails. The private facility, which receives no ongoing federal or state funding, is supported by donations and grants. The Park is free to the public and open 24/7/365. The Highground is the nation’s premier Veterans Memorial Park.


Then it is time to discover Wisconsin’s #1 fruit crop, which is cranberry, of course.


The Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center is your ultimate guide to cranberries and a must-see destination in the Midwest.


The Museum features information all about the cranberry industry and history of Wisconsin cranberries. 


In addition, they will serve lunch with a choice of two sandwiches which will be either a Cranberry Chicken Salad on a Cranberry Rice Bread or a Pulled Pork sandwich with Cranberry Sauce on a croissant.


Both sandwiches will be served with chips, a drink and ice cream for approximately $11 - $12.


Our one-of-a-kind center is located at the historic Union Cranberry Warehouse in Downtown Warrens.


4:46 hrs driving – 234 miles


Tour 2 – This tour is closed -

Spirited - 8:30am – Hill Top Bar & Grill, Stevens Point Brewery, Sunset Point Winery and Wisconsin Dairy Cheese

This tour is for those who want it all, a great restaurant, a sampling of brews and a taste of wine, followed by some great cheese.  This has it ALL!!


Hill Top Bar & Grill is located in Stevens Point and has been a local favorite for over 30 years! Daily fish fry, burgers, lunch and dinner. Fun, unique atmosphere, family friendly, great service


At Stevens Point Brewery, fully closed shoes, such as sneakers, are required for the tour. No flip flops, sandals, Crocs, Keens, or other open shoes will be allowed.  The cost of the tour and samples is $7 per person and you receive 4 7oz Samples of Choice & Souvenir Pint Glass.


Sunset Point Winery is located in the heart of historic Stevens Point.  Sunset Point Winery opened on July 3, 2015. The winery is family owned and operated by Kelly and Don Guay along with Kelly's parents Kathy and Gary Johnson. The name of the winery is a combination of two great locations! Kelly and Don were married in September of 2013 on Sunset Lake in Amherst. They both attended the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point with Paper Sciences degrees. So the name Sunset Point Winery was born! The sun logo also has special meaning: the Guays are a blended family with five kids and because of this there are seven rays in the setting sun.


On the way back, you will then stop at Wisconsin Dairy Cheese, where for generation after generation they are setting new standards and continue the tradition for high-quality cheeses made in Wisconsin.

The superior milk supplied by their dedicated dairy farm families and our master cheesemakers artistry allow them to produce an excellent and unique cheese product.

3:48 hrs driving – 178 miles



Spirited – 9:00am – Mystery Tour –?? driving time, ?? miles

​We will take you on a fun MYSTERY TOUR.   This tour will take you to new stops and cruising some of the best spirited roads ever! 


This year’s is just a great tour to an amazing destination.


You will love the lunch and that’s all we can tell you because of course it’s a mystery!!


This will be a Mystery Tour like no other to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Corvette Adventures. Be ready to cruise through beautiful Wisconsin with the thrill of your Corvette in action! Come drive with us!! 


As always, you won’t find out where you are going until the day of the tour but sign up early and enjoy the newest mystery tour.  We know you will not be disappointed!!!  Please review our definition of scenic and spirited on the web site.



Tour 4 Scenic - 8:00am – Mystery Tour –?? driving time, ?? miles

This is the same tour as Tour 3; however, driven in a spirited manner. 



Tour 5 – Scenic - 10:00am - Wisconsin Auto Museum and The Mineshaft Restaurant

Wait until you see these gorgeous automobiles.  We will travel to Hartford, WI and visit the Wisconsin Automotive Museum.  History comes alive at the Wisconsin Automotive Museum. Showcasing transportation history, the museum is Wisconsin’s largest auto museum, featuring an ever-changing display of classic and vintage autos and artifacts plus the largest assembled group of Hartford-built Kissel luxury automobiles.

The museum’s striking art deco interior sets off 110+ vehicles on exhibit, including:  Pontiacs, Studebakers, Chevrolets, Kaisers, Fords, and other cars from around the world.  The collection is rounded out by displays of automotive artifacts such as gas pumps, signs, license plates, oil cans and other petroliana.  An assortment of outboard engines built in Hartford from 1930s – 1990s are also on display.

The high caliber Kissel automobiles were manufactured in Hartford 1906 – 1931, making Kissel the second longest car manufacturer in Wisconsin.  Of the 35,000 produced fewer than 200 are known to exist today, with 25 currently exhibited at the museum. 

The Nash Car Club of America has space within the museum dedicated to the Wisconsin based vehicles and related memorabilia.  Nash began in Kenosha, Wisconsin when the Thomas B. Jeffery Company was purchased by Charles Nash in 1916.

The Hudson Essex Terraplane Historical Society and Southeastern Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame also maintain special display areas for their vehicles.  The Museum admission is $8.00 per person.  After the museum, you will lunch at a local restaurant, The Mineshaft, close by in downtown Harford.  At 5,000 square feet, the establishment is so large that it has an elevator! The second floor is a game room filled with pinball and electronic games. In addition to the bar and restaurant, there are private rooms for meetings, parties, or small events.


Due to time constraints, this tour will not go to Dells Raceway Park for laps.


Just a fun “car” day for “car” people!!

3:28 hrs driving - 168 miles

Hot Laps at Dells Raceway Park – 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Drive your Corvette on Dells Raceway Park, a 1/3 paved and banked track.  Leave from the Registration area at 2:45pm or drive to the track on your own.  


All of the Friday tours  except tour 5 will travel to Dells Raceway Park as part of their tour.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

These tours overlap; therefore, you can only choose one on Saturday

Cave of the Mounds (2).jpg
The Old Feed Mill.JPG
International clown hall of fame.JPG
Al Ringling Mansion - Copy - Copy.jpg
Sunrise Orchards.jpg
Js Pub and Grill.jpg
Hidden Valley Mushrooms sign.JPG
Carr Valley Cheese.jpg

Tour 6 – ​ Scenic – 8:00am - Cave of the Mounds & Rookies

Your tour leader will take you on a fun scenic tour to Cave of the Mounds, a natural limestone cave located near Blue Mounds, WI.  Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark is celebrating 77 years since the discovery of the Cave.  Since then, Cave of the Mounds has become the premier cave in the upper Midwest and the jewel box of America’s major show caves.  Guided tours of this geologic wonder follow paved, lighted walkways and pass a stunning array of colorful crystal formation.  Bring a jacket or sweatshirt as it is about 50 degrees inside the cave.  You will also enjoy the Gemstone Mine, Fossil Dig, Butterfly Gardens and an amazing rock/gift shop.  You don’t want to miss this one.  There will be a $21.99 per person admission charge, collected at the entrance to Cave of the Mounds. 


Lunch will be The Old Feed Mill

The Old Feed Mill’s rich history dates back to pre-Civil War 1857, the year the Milwaukee & Mississippi Railroad Company arrived from Milwaukee, platted Mazomanie, and continued its drive to Prairie du Chien to create the first rail connection between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River system. Think about it. What a big deal that must have been! While here, they also developed a water power supply for a new flouring mill, what is now The Old Feed Mill.

Come dine with us, enveloped in our rich history, terrific food, and the careful attention of our exceptional staff. Whether you’re seeking a romantic weekend for two or an appealing stop for a bus load of intrepid travelers, The Old Feed Mill offers a destination experience you’ll cherish.


2:51 hrs driving – 126 miles


Tour 7 – Scenic - 8:30am - The International Clown Hall of Fame, Al Ringling Mansion and Restaurant and Baraboo Candy.

Your tour will start with a quick trip to Baraboo where you will first stop at the Internaltion Clown Hall of Fame.


After that fisit you will walk back to the Al Ringling Mansion. This spectacular red stone mansion was built in 1905 as the home of legendary circus showman, Al Ringling.  was the eldest of the five famous Ringling brothers. The Ringling Bros. Circus was at its peak when the mansion was built.  The Al Ringling Mansion is currently undergoing extensive restoration to bring it back to its former opulence.   You be taken on a tour by the owner himself, who is a true circus performer and lover of the history of the home and the circus.  You will see original furnishings, amazing hand-carved woodwork, leaded glass, ornate murals and hand-decorated ceilings during your tour.  Displays about the Mansion and the lives of the Ringling family will also be featured.  The tour is $15.00 per person .


Lunch will be also $15.00 per person.  Following lunch at the Mansion, you will travel a short way to the Circus.


In the late 19th and early 20th century, the Ringling show always returned to Baraboo after finishing their tour to repair and repaint equipment.  The Ringling’s spent the winter designing and fabricating new props and wardrobe, hiring new and returning performers, planning the route the circus would travel, and laying out their new advertising campaign. Of the 25 Ringling structures that once existed, 10 of the winter quarters buildings still exist, having been designated National Historic Landmark Structures.


Youyr final stop on the way home will be Baraboo Candy and their famous selection of all things candy!!


1:02 hrs driving – 38.3 miles  


Tour 8 - Spirited - 9:00am - Driftless Brewing Company, Ski-Hi Fruit Farm and Richland Family Restaurant  

This is going to be a fun, drive south and west of Chula Vista Resort driving in the Driftless area of lower Wisconsin.

You will stop at a great orchard, Ski-Hi Apple Orchard.  Then you will travel to the Driftless Brewing Company for samples of its great brews.  Finally, lunch will be at an old favorite, Richland Family Restaurant before heading back to the Resort on some great roads.

4:00 hrs driving – 166.1 miles


Tour 9 - - This tour is closed

Spirited - 9:30am - Two wineries and lunch and a short quick trip – Balanced Rock winery, Baraboo Bluff Winery, and J’s Pub

On this trip you will head south through Baraboo to Balanced Rock Winery. 

Balanced Rock Winery is a family owned, boutique winery located on the doorstep of Devils Lake State Park, within the city limits of Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Their focus is to bring awareness to cold hardy grape varietals capable of surviving the Midwest’s frigid winters. Their wines are an expression of the soil, climate, farming and wine making practices that provide a sense of place to each wine. You'll taste our commitment to quality with every sip.


Then it is on to your second winery, Baraboo Bluff Winery.  Established in 2015, family-owned, award winning, and pet friendly Baraboo Bluff Winery, is situated high on the northwest range of the Baraboo bluffs.  The panoramic views are exceptional and overwhelmingly beautiful! 


After the wineries it is time for lunch at one of our favorites, J’s Pub and Grill in Reedsburg.  Yes, Jay is the owner, and he will be there to greet you and make sure you have a wonderful lunch.


1:38 hrs driving - 61 miles



Tour 10 - Scenic - 10:00am - Mushrooms, wine and lunch & dessert - Mushroom farm, J’s Pub, Narrows Creek Winery. Log Cabin for Pies and Baraboo Candy 

Now this is going to be fun low mileage tour.  You are going to have Mushrooms, a great restaurant, then some wine, travel for PIES, yes, a Pie stop before heading to a candy store.  What more do you want?

You will start out at the Hidden Valley Mushroom Farm which is Family-owned and operated since 1992. Fresh mushrooms available daily are white button, portobello, crimini, shiitake, oyster and lion's mane. Varieties of value-added items such as dry mushrooms, dry soup mixes and pickled mushrooms are also sold. Spent mushroom compost is also available.  This is a special place to visit.


Then you will go to J’s Pub in Reedsburg for lunch followed by a stop at Narrows Creek Winery for some wine tasting.  Narrows Creek Winery in Loganville, Wisconsin, produces and bottles a variety of fruit wines and is located on a family farm in picturesque rural Wisconsin. They are primarily focused on fruit wines and all wines are made on location.


Then it is time for PIES!!  For the first time in Adventures history, you will be making a pie stop!!  The Log Cabin Family Restaurant in Baraboo is famous for its pies so it is a perfect place for a pie stop. 


Then for your after pie stop, you will travel on the way back at Baraboo Candy Factory.  There Don and his staff will show you their wonderful “sweet” store.

1:49 hrs driving – 69 miles



Tour 11 - Spirited - 10300am - A great loop south with lunch at Fishy’s Bar & Grill in LaValle and Carr Valley Cheese.

As you head southwest, you will stop at Fishy’s Bar and Grill in LaValle for lunch.  Fishy’s is on the banks of the LaValle Mill Pond and a popular bar and grill.

Then you will stop at a favorite Cheese factory, Carr Valley in LaValle before continuing your tour on some wonderful scenic roads. 

3hrs – 138 miles


Join us on Saturday evening at 6:00pm as we tour to Dells Raceway Park for their Midwest Championship Weekend Saturday

Late Models, UMA Asphalt Mods, Bandit, Legends, Hobby Stocks, CWRA-SLM

We will have our own VIP parking area.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

These tours overlap; therefore, you can only choose one on Sunday

nice curves.jpg

Tour 12 - Spirited – 7:30am - Going east and North and going fast!!  Going Left

1:32 driving time – 66.2 miles



Tour 13 - Scenic – 8:00am - Going east and North and going scenic for fun – the reverse route of Tour 12.

1:32 driving time – 66.2 miles

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