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Three Bedroom Chalet

Three Bedroom Condo

Win in 2023 for a 2 night stay in 2024

The club that brings the most Corvettes and staying at Chula Vista Resort will be the winner of a 2 night stay at the three bedroom Chalet on the Golf Course or a 3 bedroom condo, depending on availability at the time of the event.  

The 2 night stay will be valid during the 2023 Fall Corvette Car Adventures.

To view the Chalet CLICK HERE or condo, CLICK HERE.

Contest requires a minimum of 8 cars registered, with a two night minimum stay at Chula Vista Resort while attending the 2023 Fall Corvette Adventures.  If there is a tie, the winner is the club from the farthest distance,

Location or winning club prize is subject to change to a different home or rooms

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